Time for a Change

Everything that has a beginning, also must have an end. I’ve decided to take down this blog. It has served its purpose. For some reason I feel the need to announce the fact beforehand, perhaps so I reduce the possibility of taking anyone by surprise who may still check here on occasion for new posts. I have another blog for my Book of Mormon posts. That blog will also be taken down as will two other blogs which were never announced publicly. I will replace them all with a new blog which will be my sole outlet for all my writing. My thoughts about the scriptures, my personal posts, and any other thing I feel the need to express in … Continue reading

When Joy came into My Life


I’m doing that thing a lot of bloggers do when they’ve neglected their blog for a long time and then they make a determination to get back to it and write a blog entry saying so. I’ve seen a whole lot of blogs with one of those entries as the last post, dated two or three years ago. Ah, the foibles of human nature. At any rate, you’ve been notified. I’ve been thinking of getting back to the blog. We’ll see if I actually do it. Now to the topic of this post. Where have I been the past couple of years? Life got pretty dark. Pardon the cliché, but if I’d been told ten years ago that by now … Continue reading

Time to Forgive


Our world is quickly going crazy. I read last night that some people are saying the U.S. is in a civil war. This should be troubling to anyone who believes it. There are no dividing lines to this civil war. There is no North vs. South, no East vs. West. This civil war is apparently against the people next door. As I have read the news about the things that are going on, my heart feels heavy. The situation is serious.

I would imagine that most of those who read this know of the many prophesies of the end times. I would imagine that many also have heavy hearts and feel that this may be the beginning of the end. But my heart is telling me something else as well. It’s telling me, not yet. The time hasn’t come yet.

Americans, anyone who could be called an American, now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to forgive. With a sense of urgency I feel the need to promise you all that if even a few Americans decide to forgive and put all their energy into doing so, we will receive a reprieve.

With all my heart I ask you to forgive!
Forgive all those in your life who have wronged you!
Forgive those who have wronged your loved ones!
Forgive public figures who have caused great harm to many!
Forgive authority figures who have oppressed you and others!
Forgive those who foolishly don’t see the truth!
Forgive those who have blasphemed your God!
Forgive everyone and allow every negative feeling to be erased from your body!

The forgiveness will grant healing to the land. The forgiveness will change the hearts of those who are blinded. The forgiveness will give us all more time to prepare. We are not ready yet. It will be disastrous if everything falls apart now.

I promise before God to forgive all. I ask Him for his help in doing so. I invite all who feel inclined to do the same. I promise it will bless your life. I promise you will be spared hardship by making this decision. I promise it will make a powerful difference in our nation.

Please, everyone, make the decision to forgive now and then go do it.

Supermom and Handy . . .Person?


I’ve noticed the feminists haven’t touched the word handyman. They’ve changed mailman to mail carrier, stewardess to flight attendant, and salesman to salesperson. But they haven’t touched the word handyman. While I was staying at my brother’s apartment last winter, I determined that the bathroom faucet needed to be fixed. The constant drip, drip, drip was about driving me crazy. I recall from my youth learning that fixing bathroom faucets is quite simple really. And it is. I looked it up on google. It was no problem to find the right hardware, with the help of a friendly employee at the hardware store, and then switch out the old hardware for the new. I am happy to report that my … Continue reading


I have seen people like Lyle on TV. I didn’t realize the impact it would have on me in real life. I couldn’t find anyone who needed my blanket at the park. I guess they found warmer places to pass time. I tried a couple of other places before trying the bridge. I had heard sometimes the homeless would go there. I didn’t see anyone and was driving off when I saw a dark shadow in a corner. It was the right size so I got out of my car and went over. Boots were sticking out from under a blanket. I called hello and waited several seconds before the blanket was slowly pulled down over a wide-eyed face. His … Continue reading

One Wool Blanket


You shouldn’t get to know homeless people. Why? Because if you have a home, then you have to eventually go home and leave the homeless people out where you found them and you have to wonder how they are doing as the weather turns colder and colder. A few months ago when it was too hot during the day and pleasantly warm during the night I went to the park with a friend in search of homeless people. We were going to pray for them but we ended up sitting on the grass for several hours talking to Greg instead. Greg is a homeless man with a tattoo on his arm that says something to the effect of, “If you … Continue reading

Single Mother of 6 Needs a Permanent Home

http://www.youcaring.com/family-fundraiser/single-mother-of-6-needs-a-permanent-home/336137 A single mother of six is in need of assistance in finding permantent housing. This woman endured years of abuse in marriage. When she finally began standing up to the abuse, she was thrown out of the house and locked out with no access to any of her things. The divorce that somehow was pushed through the courts was fundamentally unfair, leaving her with little support from her former spouse and load of debts. She was fortunate enough to have kind friends take her and her children in but she will eventually need to obtain her own place. Because of the large number of children she has to care for, it will be difficult for her to find an … Continue reading